What Top Speakers Are Saying About Speaker Sales Systems

Ready To Pursue Leads That ACTUALLY PAY?


If you’re familiar with our S3Elite program, you know that we source, scrub and qualify 200 leads as part of a multi-thousand dollar on-boarding process before our salespeople get to work representing our Elite speaking clients. That lead-building service, which we’ve refined over sourcing 1,000+ leads, has never been offered to anyone outside the S3Elite program, but I want to offer it to you:

The most advanced and well-researched speaker leads ever offered. In the history of everything, and at just $10 a lead for all the information you need to have an intelligent sales conversation with a qualified prospect.

As we began teaching the professional speaking community how to prospect, campaign and reach out to folks who could pay for their talks, we realized that the toughest part for many speakers is finding qualified leads.

That’s a problem we are willing to solve.

To ensure NO speaker ever heard “Sorry, we don’t pay our speakers” ever again, we designed the most advanced lead-building service available to the professional speaking community. 

Here’s What You Get With Your 100 S3 Leads:

  • Associations that have a $2mill+ annual operating Budget AND have events that bring members together. (These are the folks that have a budget for keynote speakers and usually have chapters across the country as well.)

If your keynote fee is in the lower range ($5,000, let’s say), and each of these leads brings in paid speakers, then each lead has a potential for at least a $5,000 return – because they’ve hired speakers in the past. 100 of these leads could be worth half a million dollars to your business; a potential 500/1 return. Because of the time it takes our folks to research and qualify these leads, the minimum amount we can sell is 100 leads at the cost of $1,000. For a potential half a million dollar return to your business, this is probably the best business investment you can make in 2020. 

Not selling Ginsu knives here, but it gets better-
Because a lot of folks are going to take me up on this offer (nothing like it exists anywhere else), I’ll put a moratorium on your leads for six months – no one else in S3Nation will be allowed to have them for that window. Not me or my Elite clients. In other words – none of our folks will be hunting them. If you can’t close a deal on those leads within six months, we have larger issues to discuss 😉 

Pair these leads with our S3Pro system and you’ll have the best fuel and the highest-performing engine available in the world for professional speakers. Your $1,000 will be due after your lead-building chat so our lead-finding snipers can get to work helping YOU grow your speaking business!