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What Top Speakers Are Saying About Speaker Sales Systems

Ready To Take YOUR Speaking Business To The Next Level?


A step-by-step system to begin building a speaking business instead of a hobby or practice. No storytelling sessions, no stagecraft coaching – just the systems and processes that gets paying prospects into your pipeline, maintains contact with them and drives high-fee speaking gigs. With S3 Pro, you’ll build a speaking business that’s predictable, scalable and opens up both inbound and outbound prospects to your funnel.
No more feast-or-famine.
No more waiting for the phone to ring or referrals to come in to know you’ll be in business.

S3 PRO is for YOU whether you’re a speaker with decades on the stage OR whether you’re just starting to being in the speaking business … this turnkey program is filled with the system, strategies, tactics, and tools you’ll need to build a speaking business that actually predicts revenue.

Here’s What You Get With S3 Pro – A University-Level Education In Speaker Sales!


  • Complete Speaker Sales System with 40+ In-depth Video Training Modules, Screenshares, and dozens of Word-for-Word Templates

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What Will Be Expected Of Me As A Student Of S3 Pro? What Are MY Guarantees?

  • That you’ll do the work. No solution is a magic bullet – if you do the work and this system doesn’t get you conversations with decision makers who can buy speakers, we’ll refund your investment.

    What Do I Have To Do To Be Successful With S3 Pro?


  • If you use your BONUS: Basic Speaker’s Reconnaissance Course to find 20 qualified prospects and using your CRM, run them through the first campaign, making notes along the way and still don’t have a conversation with a decision maker, we’ll refund your full fee. (But you’ll have learned how to use a CRM – and that’s worth the price of admission alone!)

  • You have to complete your assignments. This is not a self-led course where you’re left to your own devices. We’ve coached enough six-figure speakers to know if they don’t understand the business of sales and marketing, they’ll keep getting crappy results with systems – just with a more powerful system to get more crappy results! Our team can only be as committed to your success as you are.

  • You will be posting, sharing and receiving feedback on your assignments, challenges and solutions on our members-only Facebook Group. We have salespeople monitoring those pages that have tens of thousands of calls under their belts and their coaching alone is worth the price of admission. If you’re not comfortable being corrected (and sometimes having your ideas rejected) then sales is not the right business for you – and neither is this program.

    Ready to make the best decision of your career as someone in the speaking business?
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