If you’re already running a successful speaking business and would LOVE more scalability and predictability but don’t have the time to learn the most advanced outbound sales and marketing systems for speakers, then …

S3 ELITE Might Be What Your Business Has Been Searching For

This application-only program pairs your business with a fractional VP of Sales and the entire S3 Team, as we pair your brand with a trained S3 Sales Warrior and our outbound sales systems. We work with you and your team to develop a qualified prospect list, customize all of our campaigns and templates to your value proposition, coach you through our proven processes for doubling – and tripling – keynote fees and then do what we do best – connect you with decision makers who hire professional speakers.
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If you’ve been on the platform, have an established brand and are looking to get out of feast-and famine revenue, stop relying on inbound leads and want the best speaker sales processes on the planet working for YOUR business, get the application process started here: