The Speaker COVID Pricing And Fee Guide

Pricing And Fee Guide For COVID Speaking Engagements:

Before the sales call

Do I know?:
The executive director/CEO’s name?
Direct phone numbers/email addresses (if available)?
Previous speaker names they’ve hired in the past?
Those speaker’s fee ranges (google ‘speaker name’ “bureau” and/or “fee”)
The date of the next live/virtual conference for the organization?
That event’s location (if live)?
Registration costs (if posted)?

Do I know my crisis-related value proposition statements?
(build them around the below, asking – if they’re in crisis around that issue, how can I help?)
Uncertainty about the future
Monitoring performance
Regulation and compliance
Exploding amount of data
Embracing change
Coping With Market Competition
Keeping Up With Market Transformations
Building a Corporate Brand
Hiring New Employees
Founding New Departments
Retaining Top Talent
Embracing Diversity At Work
Improving Communication
Motivating Employees
Landing New Business/increasing sales
Retaining Customers (customer loyalty)
Identifying New Sales Channels
Solving Productivity Problems
Keeping Up to Speed With Innovations
Automating Business Processes
Risk management

During The Call
Did I confirm the decision maker?
Did I ask about their desired event outcomes?
Did I ask about the cost of that outcome if NOT achieved?
Did I ask about budget first or did they ask about my price first?

After The Gig:
Did I schedule a debrief before the event happened?
Did I report on audience metrics (areas of interest, questions that I can create more content to answer, follow-on material opportunities)?
Did I mention creative ways to find budget (sponsors, other budget categories besides event/education, etc.)?