Speaker Sales Systems Podcast

The Mother Of All Speaker Sales Systems

We’re often asked how we come up with our sales systems at such a rapid pace – we’ve shared more than 70 systems in these podcasts alone. In this episode, we’re walking listeners through the exact steps we take each week to assess the challenges we encountered and how to build or modify a system so that challenge is never encountered again. It’s the mother of all sales systems!

Secrets Of Successful Sales Campaigns

Many salespeople and nearly all speakers are giving up too early or simply annoying their prospects with poorly-timed and selfish messaging. In this Speaker Sales Systems podcast, we’re sharing the three elements to ensure you build into every outbound sales campaign to ensure you’re providing value and getting on more stages.

Sealing Leaks In Speaker Sales

If you’re taking the time to qualify speaking prospects, you know how much is hurts when we lose the gig because we didn’t keep in touch. Those ‘leaks’ cost us stages and revenue, and we’re sealing them in this week’s Speaker Sales Systems podcast!

Stacking The Deck With Content Marketing

Selecting a speaker comes with an almost unlimited amount of options for conference organizers, which is why they’ll often choose a speaker a friend or colleague recommends instead of the one prepared to deliver more value. But what if we could answer all their concerns before they ever came up in a sales conversation? That’s what we’re addressing this week so we can stack the deck so both we and our clients win!

Leveraging Live Polling Into Your Speaking Sales

In the 21st century, speakers are expected to not just talk at their audiences, but rather walk with them on a journey of change. That means engaging audiences in ways that keep them attentive while providing insights. Speakers that can do this are always in high demand, and the technology exists to make it easier than ever. In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we go over why live polling and surveys are the future of audience engagement and how to use them during you talk. Most importantly, we share how to leverage the data we gather into future speaking sales!

A Commitment To Consistency

There’s a secret all great salespeople and business leaders know about that costs little and is under-utilized by almost everyone – and it’s consistency. Specifically, consistency in our outreach. This week, we’re going over the impact that consistency can have in a speaking business and how to make sure it’s scheduled and managed intelligently. It’s the difference maker in controlling your business’ success and revenue, making it a skill speakers have to learn!

The Speaking Myth Of ‘Niche To Get Rich’

While many speaking coaches will advocate why all speakers should ‘nice to get rich’, it’s a strategy that limits scalability and open a speaker up to industry downturns. In this podcast, we walk through how to break out of the padded prison of only speaking within one industry and how to diversity target industries to capitalize on growth and shield against industry downturns.

Why Speakers Need To Always Be Prospecting

While ‘Always Be Closing’ is a famous saying in the world of sales, it can’t happen without prospects to sell to! In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we’re going over why speakers should ‘Always Be Prospecting’, how to find speaking prospects, where to make time to add new ones into our pipelines each week, and of course the value having a lot of prospects gives us as entrepreneurs!

The Secret To Converting A Selection Committee

Every organization selects their speaker in a different way, but one way that is becoming more common is the use of a committee. A committee that the speaker never gets to talk to or win over. While that might stop many speakers cold or force them to simply submit their information and hope for the best, we realized there was a system we could use to ensure we converted the committee and positioned ourselves better than any other speaker they’d be considering. It’s all here in this episode of Speaker Sales Systems!

Racking And Stacking Types Of Outreach

If you’re dedicating time to reach out to people who can hire you, then you should know that not all outreach tasks are created equally.

Yet, they all need to be done – the calls, emails and social media messages that drive sales. In this week’s podcast, we dive into how to rack and stack your daily outreach tasks to ensure you’re driving every prospect towards hiring you to be on their stage!

Ensuring Speaker Sales Success On Every Call

Call reluctance is something all salespeople face, but we’ve seen it especially endemic in the business of speaking. We discovered it comes from considering calls as only having two outcomes- make the sale or get rejected. After 8,000+ sales calls, we learned there’s a way to ensure we make every conversation or voicemail a way for us to get closer to getting the gig and it’s all here in the only podcast for professional speaking sales!

The Art Of Payment Terms For Speaker Sales

While many speakers are focused on getting booked, the most successful speakers know that getting paid is just as important. In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we dive into the payment term negotiation ladder and show speakers how to ensure they’re getting paid sooner while achieving maximum value for their clients.

Systems For Overcoming Objections In Speaker Sales

In you’re taking the initiative in your speaking business and reaching to people who can hire you to speak, you will encounter objections. For most speakers, they kill the chance to make an impact or an income from that gig. However, we realized that salespeople have been dealing with objections for years and have a way of overcoming them. In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we go over our most commonly-heard objections and how we ensure we never lose a deal for the same objection again!

Are You Doing The Things Rainmakers Do?

Speaking sales, like any sales, has rainmakers and rain barrels. The first take the initiative on their revenue and the second passively accept whatever comes along. What many speakers don’t know is that being a rainmaker is not a secret, and it is also an active state. A speaker who stops doing rainmaker things will revert back to being a rain barrel. In this podcast, we differentiate between the two and tell listeners how to ensure they become – and remain – rainmakers with their speaker sales.

Making Them Earn Your Talk

There’s a difference between the way a busy speaker and a desperate speaker approach sales. The busy speaker makes their potential clients ‘earn’ their talk, ensuring there’s a fit for budget, availability and audience before sending a proposal. A desperate speaker does the opposite, and rarely gets the gigs they pursue. In this episode, we deconstruct the mentality behind making all of our prospects ‘earn’ their way into our pipeline, proposals and even to get on their stages.

The Most Important Name In Speaker Sales

While most speakers are focused on ensuring folks know their name, the best salespeople approach it differently. There’s another name that simultaneously unlocks the name of decision makers, potential budgets, decision making process and timeline – the names of the speakers an organization has hired in the past! In this episode, we reveal how to find those important names and how to use them in your speaking sales conversations!

The Speaker’s Sales Secret To Handle Rude Prospects

If you conduct enough outreach, eventually you’ll run into rude people. They’re a part of sales, but don’t have to shut down your chances of speaking. In this week’s Speaker Sales Systems episode, we’re walking through the different types of rude prospects a speaker is likely to encounter and what to do with each of them to redirect and salvage the sale.

Lose The Speaking Sale To Win It

For many speakers, their biggest challenge isn’t their expertise – it’s their sales conversations! This week, we dive into one of the most powerful techniques we can use when reaching out to the folks who can hire us. It seems contradictory, but by losing the sale before we ever pick up the phone, we’re better positioned to win it.

The Secret To Speaker Sales: Eliciting Interest

If you’ve every heard someone tell you, “Send me info about your talk/topic and we’ll keep it on file,” then you were likely missing a key element of getting someone excited about your talk: You didn’t elicit their interest. So how do we discover EXACTLY what a decision maker needs a speaker to deliver at their event, and how do we connect our talk to that specific outcome? We answer it all in this week’s Speaker Sales Systems podcast!

Setting – And Getting – Speaking Fees In A COVID World

COVID-19 not only changed businesses and the events industry, it also changed the way people buy speakers’ services. In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we go over what we’ve learned needs to happen before, during and after sales conversations to ensure we maximize our fees and the impact we can have with a live or virtual audience in a COVID world.

The Importance Of Speaker Sales Objectives

For many speakers, taking the time to reach out to event planners who can hire them only to be told ‘not now’ is a depressing event. But it doesn’t have to be. In this episode of speaker sales systems, we reveal the magic of secondary call objectives for speakers. Even if a conversation doesn’t end with a proposal, speakers can still move the sale forward if they know what objectives they’re shooting for.

The Most Powerful Sales Equation: Time Vs. ROI

As business owners, we’ll never have enough time in the day to get it all done. So how do we know what tasks will yield sales in our speaking business the fastest? How do we know what content to create, or what to outsource – or how? There’s a simple equation that answers all those questions, and more!

The Systems To Move Speakers From Free To Fee

Whether you’re just beginning in your speaking business or have been on the stage for decades, eventually you’ll either ask or offer a ‘free’ speech. It’s not hard to turn a free opportunity into a paid one – but it’s also easy to speak for free without ever being paid. In this episode, we reveal the system we use to ensure ALL of our ‘free’ talks have the highest chance of producing a fee in the future.

Taking Back Control Of Our Credibility In The Speaking Business

If we’re taking the initiative in our speaking business and reaching out to folks who haven’t heard of us, we have a barrier to cross: We aren’t showing up with the credibility a referral or an experience seeing us speak will bring. In this week’s episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we go over the credibility elements we can control and how to begin gathering them so that when a decision maker visits our website, credibility is immediately established.

Unsticking A Stuck Speaking Proposal

If you’re ever had (what you thought) was a great conversation and sent your speaking proposal to an event planner and then waited … and waited … and waited, then you’re not alone.
In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we go over the things we ensure we do before we even send a proposal to ensure it doesn’t get stuck, and even go over our favorite ways to ‘unstick’ a proposal if it’s slipped past its due date.

Milestones That Might Kill Speaking Sales

In our 50th episode, we’re celebrating this milestone by laying out the milestones that many speakers love using in their sales conversations that may actually be killing their sales – instead of helping them. We dive into the top speaker career milestones we hear and debunk them – and share when they ARE appropriate in speaker sales conversations.

The Ugly Truth About Client Speaker Agreements

While speakers always have their own speaking proposals, they’re often too eager to sign the client’s speaking agreement without understanding why the agreement exists – or how it may end up killing the deal down the road. In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we go over the good, bad and ugly of client speaking proposals, what to watch out for, and what to revise!

Staying In The Speaking Business When Results Leave

For professional speakers taking control of their business, there will be periods of time when we can’t reach decision makers, aren’t being asked for proposals and aren’t getting booked – even the busiest among us aren’t closing deals every day. What do we do to maintain our mindset and keep reaching out when we aren’t seeing results? That’s the topic of this week’s Speaker Sales Systems podcast!

Maximize Speaking Fees, Reduce Negotiations

Few professional speakers enter the world of speaking with experience in running a business – and that means they have to learn the hard way. In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we are revealing all the lessons we learned about maximizing fees and reducing negotiations, all so we can make a bigger impact for our audiences and a larger income for ourselves. It’s possible to reduce negotiations while maximizing what you get paid, and we’re telling you how!

The Secrets Of Setting Virtual Speaking Fees

For many speakers transitioning into more virtual talks, the toughest decision they’ll make is not their lighting scheme, home studio setup or even their sound quality – it’s what they charge for delivering their expertise virtually. In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we go over the questions a speaker needs to ask before setting virtual fees to ensure they can ask for – and receive – the right compensation for their expertise.

Generating More Profitable Speaking Proposals

Many speaker put all their effort into their talk and little into their sales process – a problem we’re turning around each and evert week! In this episode, we’re going over the critical errors many speakers are making in their proposals, including force majeure clauses and what language needs to be present if your live event goes virtual – all to ensure you make the impact and income you got into the business of speaking to achieve!

Stop Losing Sales From Your Virtual Talks

In a COVID-19 world, many speakers are moving their talks from live formats to virtual ones, but are missing out on all the sales they could be making with a virtual platform! In this week’s podcast, we’re covering the things a speaker can do before, during and after their virtual  events to leverage the unique functionality of most platforms to increase their speaking sales!

Outreach Efficiency In Speaker Sales

If you’re conducting outreach across various channels – calls, emails, social media, etc., it can get emotionally exhausting to accomplish different types of tasks within a single day. In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we go over our batching process to ensure we get more done and get better sales results from it.

Guiding Prospects To The Next Step Of The Speaking Sale

If you’re a professional speaker, you need to be aware of the next step in any sale – and how to guide your prospects on how to get there. In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we reveal our favorite ways of doing just that, what they sound like, and how to be prepared for objections along the way.

Add Value Now For Speaking Sales Later

For professional speakers, expertise should never trump revenue – meaning that if you can add value to a prospect now to pave the way for sales in the future, you should! In this special episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we’re revealing the campaign we’re using in the midst of the events industry shutdown to add value to our prospects and clients and ensure they’re successful in the future so we can be their first choice for future keynotes!

The Power Of Endless Speaking Prospects

For many speakers, business is at a standstill – but that doesn’t mean they should hit pause on their future. There’s one thing all speakers can do in good times and bad to prepare for future success, and that’s find more people who can use their expertise. In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we’re revealing exactly why mosts speakers don’t prospect, what makes a good prospect and how to find an endless supply of them.

The Monthly Tasks That Matter For The Speaking Business

Many speakers spend their days busy, but don’t get much done. In this episode, we’re covering why many speakers don’t have monthly tasks in place for their business, which tasks should be front and center each month, and how to increase sales and push your pipeline forward. When strategy and tactics become confused, neither get done!

Surviving Silence In The Speaking Business

When the events industry experiences a massive change, what can speakers do to ensure their businesses survive (and even thrive)? In this episode of speaker sales systems, we’re going over the speaking myth that kept many speakers from building their pipelines, and now that inbound leads can’t be depended upon, what speakers can do to take back control or their sales and their businesses.

To Sell More, Speak Less Podcast

Professional speakers often lose sales for the same reason they’re great on stage – they love talking about themselves! In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems podcast, we’re going over the difference in language between a talk and a sales conversation (Hint: The difference is Brevity!)

Why Speakers Make Sales Extinct With Email

If you’re a modern communicator and a professional speaker, it’s easy to fall into the trap of relying on email to communicate with prospects – but it’s exactly what will make your sales disappear. In this episode of speaker sales systems, we go over WHY speakers tend to revert to email, what it costs them, and what to do differently to showcase their vocal talents – and get the gig!

The Power Of The Phone For Speaker Sales

Speakers can handle an audience of thousands but buckle when asked to talk to an audience of one. In this week’s podcast, we’re going over the fears that keep speakers from using the most powerful tool in their sales arsenal and what to do to overcome that fear – and get more gigs!

The Cost Of Speaker Conversion Podcast

In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we’re going over an often-overlooked area in any salesperson’s business model – the numbers they should be tracking. If you’re NOT tracking your conversion metrics across some key areas, you’re setting yourself – and your speaking business – up for failure. Learn what to track and what to do with what you learn in this episode!

Check out this episode!

Keeping Control Of The Keynote Sale Podcast

Many speakers do everything that’s asked of them by an event planner and still don’t get the gig. It’s not always because a better speaker was chosen instead – rather, it’s often because they gave up control of the selling process. In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we go over the warning signs that the selling process is about to be relinquished and some solid insight into how to maintain it – and get the gig!

The Most Powerful Type Of Question For Professional Speaker Sales

The person who controls the conversation controls the sale, and that’s why the best salespeople are adept at using a particular kind of question to drive a sale forward. In this episode, we explore the most powerful type of question and some examples of how we use it to get more impact for audiences and more income for our speaking businesses.

Using Customizations To Convert Speaking Sales

Many speakers wonder what can set them apart from ‘name-brand’ speakers and don’t want to wait decades to have the bestselling book or inbound leads. Something that sets all speakers apart – who are willing to do it – are customizations. In this week’s S3 podcast, we go over how to leverage a customized talk into the sales process and close more keynotes!

Ethically Obligated To Upsell

If your speaking client doesn’t purchase value-adds like books, breakouts or articles and you learn that those things could help them achieve their goals, you’re ethically obligated to offer them again. How do we do this? In this episode, we cover the pre-event brief, a critical element of any speaker’s sales systems. Learn how we use this process to ensure every even is better than the last and offer speaking clients every opportunity to achieve their outcomes.

Selling Value After The Speech

If you’re not taking advantage of after-event value adds, you may be leaving money on the table your speaking business could be reclaiming. In this podcast, we go over the value adds we offer to clients, including teaching you about a follow-up course we customize to every member of our audiences. Value doesn’t end when you leave the stage, unless you want it to!

Selling Speeches Through Assurance

Asking event organizers for thousands of dollars is a big ask, especially if they’ve never heard of you or your brand. We discovered that there’s a missing element in many sales conversations that makes the difference between moving forward or backwards in the sale. In this special episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we’re diving into the psychology of assurance.

How To Match Your Expertise As A Solution To Every Event Challenge

In this extra-packed episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we’re linking every one of the challenges we hear events addressing with a keynote as the solution, and explaining how we do it. Here are the challenges most often heard as topics of focus for events:
Uncertainty about the future
Monitoring performance
Regulation and compliance
Exploding amount of data
Embracing change
Coping With Market Competition
Keeping Up With Market Transformations
Building a Corporate Brand
Hiring New Employees
Founding New Departments
Retaining Top Talent
Embracing Diversity At Work
Improving Communication
Motivating Employees
Landing New Business/increasing sales
Retaining Customers (customer loyalty)
Identifying New Sales Channels
Solving Productivity Problems
Keeping Up to Speed With Innovations
Automating Business Processes
Risk management

The Power Of A Prospect’s Problems For Professional Speakers

If you’re still touting yourself to prospects as a ‘leadership’ or ‘motivational’ speaker and wondering why you’re being passed over again and again, wonder no more! In this episode of the only podcast focused on speaker sales, we dive deep into the art of asking about prospect challenges, building a bridge between our expertise and the solutions they need, and driving the sales conversation forward.

Exactly What To Say On The Phone

If you’re conducting outreach on speaking prospects, there’s plenty of information that can only be obtained by talking to a person. In this episode, we go over the 8 questions we’ve earned to ask to maximize our chances of getting the gig – and sharing our message from the stage.

Maximize Speaking Fees During The Sale

If you’ve ever heard (or used) the ‘three options’ model when you submit a speaking proposal, you’re leaving money on the table. In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we go over a little-known way to maximize revenue while driving client value through the roof. Create a win-win for yourself and your clients!

All About Discovering Budget

In this podcast, we cover how we research and leverage information about all our prospects to maximize revenue. If you’re using a flat fee or not doing research before quoting a dollar amount for your talk, this episode will change your speaking business!

Self-Review For Speaker Sales

Top salespeople in any industry have one thing in common – they review their sales calls and get better. Few speakers take the time to do this, because they don’t know how to record calls or what to listen for when they do. In this week’s podcast, we go over the exact process we use to review our calls and make sure we move conversations in the right direction – and generate predictable speaking sales!

Getting Around The RFP

Many speakers struggle with ‘call for speakers’ and RFPs- but they don’t have to! After 5,000+ calls, we discovered how speakers are hired via RFPs and how to ensure we made it to the top of selection lists. If you want to massively impact your RFP conversion, this is the podcast for you!

Why Selling Doesn’t Have To Stop With The Speech

Selling doesn’t stop just because you landed the speech. In this tactics-focused session, we’re revealing the four ways speakers miss the boat on future sales when they rush from the stage to the ride home. Stick around and build predictability into your speaking business’ sales!

The Value Of A Speaker’s Value Proposition

A dirty secret of the speaking industry is that what sounds great on stage sounds horrible in a sales conversation. In this week’s episode, we revealing how to reframe your experience and expertise into something clients will want to buy. It’s all about the value of a value proposition!

Speaker Sales Systems For LinkedIn

In this podcast, we focus on exactly how to leverage LinkedIn for speakers interested in systemizing sales. From driving an initial conversation to converting the sale to generating predictable referrals, this podcast covers exactly how we leverage LinkedIn to generate speaking revenue!

Pipelines Aren’t Just For Plumbers

If you’re a professional speaker and wondering why revenue is feast or famine, this podcast will unlock a secret rarely taught in the speaking industry – it IS possible to predict speaking revenue with a pipeline. Learn what it is, why it’s important and how to use it in this episode of Speaker Sales Systems!

What Kills Speaker Sales

Whether you’re growing your speaking business or are a veteran of the speaking industry, we’ve noticed a few things that ALL speakers tend to be doing that kills sales dead in their tracks. In this episode, we’re going over the things to do before, during and after a sales conversation to ensure you get the gig.

How Speakers Lose The Sale Before They Speak

After tracking the results of more than 5,000 calls to sell keynote speeches, we’ve discovered that there are many speakers who lose the sale and don’t understand why. At Speaker Sales Systems, we know that for many speakers, the sale is lost before they ever open their mouths. In this tactics-packed podcast, we’re going over how the best speakers prep, run and review their sales processes to maximize revenue – and their sales!

Using Dynamite In Speaker Sales

If you’ve ever had a sales conversation stall with a keynote or speaking prospect, you know how frustrating it can be! In this episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we go over how to use dynamite to unstick those stuck conversations.

Never Lose A Speaking Gig Again

If you’re a professional speaker and never been turned down for a gig – get ready for it. Those speakers who have been in the business know that it’s not a matter of ‘if’ rejection happens – but ‘when.’ In this episode, we’ll go over how we learned to never lose a speaking gig for the same reason every again.

The Margin Most Speakers Ignore When Selling

If you’re in business, you’d better be tracking your margins. Yet, we find that when we ask most speakers, “How much did you keep from your last event?” they don’t have an answer. In this week’s Speakers Sales Systems podcast, we’re helping speakers answer that question AND revealing the margin most speakers aren’t even aware of that has a massive impact in their businesses.

Raise Speaking Fees By Making Them Fluid

If you’re wondering ‘How do I raise my fees?’ or even ‘Do I post my fees?’ this podcast has the answer. My doing a few simple things, you can systemize ever-increasing fees by not only increasing the value you deliver through your speech, but also the impact you have before, during and after an event.

Why Speakers Waste Money On Lists

If you’ve been offered a ‘list’ of folks who hire speakers, welcome to the club. Most of these lists aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on – and it’s because most speakers don’t take the time to do a few simple things to make sure these lists yield results. In this episode, we reveal exactly what we do with our lists to generate multiple six figures in speaking revenue each year.

How Speakers Reach Tough-To-Reach Prospects

In this tactics-packed episode, Speaker Sales Systems walks you through the systems we use to get ahold of tough-to-reach prospects. With all the offers, pitches and junk mail coming at the folks who hire speakers, how do the best speakers leverage every form of communication they can across all platforms? This episode breaks it all down!

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Immediately Increase Speaking Fees

In this tactics-packed session, we reveal several simple secrets to immediately increase speaking fees. By focusing on how (and what) is said before, during and after the sales call, any speaker can immediately stand apart in their market and drive higher revenues – all without investing thousands of dollars in new equipment, technology or presentations!

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Book More Speaking Gigs With Sales Intelligence

If you can only research a few things before reaching out as a keynote speaker, what should they be? After more than 4,500 calls to decision makers, this week we break down what intelligence makes the difference between connecting with someone who can pay for your talk … or getting relegated to the black hole of voicemail.

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Using Testimonials To Create Speaking Revenue

Testimonials have been the lifeblood of professional speakers for years – but what makes the difference between the testimonial that generated business and the one that sits unwatched on a video channel? In this week’s episode of Speaker Sales Systems, Max Warren and Shawn Rhodes dive into how they’ve been using testimonials to reach decision makers and close deals. 

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Predictable Keynote Revenue In The Speaking Business

Even veteran speaking coaches say it’s impossible to predict keynote revenue. All speakers can do is wait for the phone (and success) to ring.
In the newest episode of the only podcast for speaker sales, Shawn and Max walk you through how to leverage your pipeline to predict keynote revenue in your business.

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How To Never Cold Call For A Speaking Gig

If you’re tired of feast and famine in your speaking business, you’ve found the right podcast! In this episode, we cover exactly how we research every one of our prospects before conducting outreach – turning a ‘cold call’ into a ‘burning hot call’. We’re sharing what we’ve learned across more than 4,000 sales calls for speakers what works – and what doesn’t, when selling a speech.

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Stop Selling Keynotes

In this episode, we talk about the money you’re leaving on the table if you tell decision makers that you’re a ‘keynote speaker’. Instead, we reveal how to discover the real value your expertise brings to your audiences and how to increase your fees by communicating it.

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How Million Dollar Speakers Use Their Systems

After speaking to folks making one million dollars + in this business, we’ve discovered they only do certain things in their business, and that takes systems. In this episode, we’re revealing: The 3 things million dollar speakers do (and what they don’t do) The systems they use and how they keep track of them Why most speakers spend thousands on coaching but fail to implement what they learn The one investment EVERY speaker should make in their business and its systems Links we mentioned: If you haven’t heard, we’ve scheduled a FREE Speaker Sales Systems Masterclass. Click here to reserve your seat.

In the inaugural episode of Speaker Sales Systems Podcast, we’re covering the biggest myth in the speaking industry and revealing a simple way to build processes and systems into a speaking business!

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