Your Speaker Sales Call Playbook Is Below!

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The Blitz Script (Customize for your unique talking points):

Hi, (NAME), this is (SPEAKER NAME) over at (COMPANY NAME), we were last in contact when … and I read that your next -hopefully- live conference was going to be in (CITY) in (MONTH/YEAR). I may be a little early, but I understand your folks are going to be dealing with the after-effects of COVID-19 on their businesses/jobs at that conference; I wanted to have a quick chat because I’m offering a keynote talk around how businesses can thrive out of crisis that your audience creates with me during the presentation. Do you have a few minutes now or should we look at next week?

Our Latest Discovery Questions:
Identify decision maker
Identify challenges (outcomes/metrics)
Event theme/focus
Number of attendees
Historical/future budget/how many speakers that is used for?
Other events that bring in speakers
(If sale is not achieved, but follow up permission is granted) Get the appt on the calendar!

Voicemail script guide to create an integrity loop:
Hi, this is (SPEAKER NAME) at 555-555-5555. I’m following up on that (last type of outreach conducted on that account – email, social media message, phone call, etc) and I wanted to make sure you were the right person at (org name) to be chatting with about your (location of event) in (year of event). If I don’t hear back, I’ll make sure to reach out (day or week of next outreach) via (method of outreach – phone, email, LinkedIn message, letter, etc.)