When speakers think about what it takes to stay in business, most think about referrals. That's a strategy that works - until it doesn't.

When speakers think about what to implement from a mastermind or professional conference, most are told 'Just do 3 things.'
That's a practice that works - if you're willing to be mediocre.

There's a better way. We founded Speaker Sales Systems because we wanted to run a business with predictable revenue. A business that we could scale across hundreds of prospects and clients. A business we didn't need to be present for in make an impact an an income from.

Like you, I wanted to be on stages and not HAVE to worry about where the next gig was coming from.

To do that, I had to build systems. Now, I give these systems to you.

Who's Behind The Systems?

Speaker Sales Systems was designed by speakers, for speakers. Over the course of 5 years, Shawn Rhodes and his team tried, failed, and captured what worked and what didn’t in the world of speaker sales. The result?: