January 13, 2020 Shawn

How To Match Your Expertise As A Solution To Every Event Challenge

In this extra-packed episode of Speaker Sales Systems, we’re linking every one of the challenges we hear events addressing with a keynote as the solution, and explaining how we do it. Here are the challenges most often heard as topics of focus for events:
Uncertainty about the future
Monitoring performance
Regulation and compliance
Exploding amount of data
Embracing change
Coping With Market Competition
Keeping Up With Market Transformations
Building a Corporate Brand
Hiring New Employees
Founding New Departments
Retaining Top Talent
Embracing Diversity At Work
Improving Communication
Motivating Employees
Landing New Business/increasing sales
Retaining Customers (customer loyalty)
Identifying New Sales Channels
Solving Productivity Problems
Keeping Up to Speed With Innovations
Automating Business Processes
Risk management