Our Free To Fee Process Guide

COVID Campaign Flow:

The flow of the process:
First: Ensure they have brought in paid speakers in the past
Google the organization/association and the word “keynote”. Find those speakers (if any) on their own website or bureau pages to ensure this org has a history of paying speakers.

Second: Ensure they have events (live or virtual) that you can speak at in the future
If the organization opens their events to the public, you can find their next live/virtual event in their ‘events’ section. If the event is internal (only open to employees), you’ll want to ensure you ask about that event date/location when you call to offer your talk.

Third: Position yourself as a solution and not just a motivational speaker
Review our guide on creating a powerful value proposition course (FREE) at speakersalessystems.com/campaign Then modify your value proposition to a state of crisis. You’ll want to find the person at the org you’re targeting who is overseeing programming/preventing any additional fallout and loss from COVID. They’re the person who will be able to say YES to your talk. Additionally, let them know that while you normally charge for these talks, you want to be as helpful as possible right now so “they can still be in business for their XYZ event” so you can present there.

Fourth: Conduct a pre-event brief

Ask yourself “What would I need to know to help these folks solve X problem they say they’re challenged with, through the lens of my expertise?” And make sure you ask those questions prior to your free talk! Here are some of the questions I always ask:
Top messages they need communicated with their members?
Anyone doing unique things to deal with the crisis we should be aware of?
Things their leaders need to track right now?
How did the industry react to crisis in 2008 and/or 9/11?
Would you say your folks are hiding, surviving or thriving (and where SHOULD they be?)
How they should be communicating with prospects/customers right now?
Any webinar recordings that would help me understand this better (president’s messages, etc.)?
Date for our free event?
Can we launch a pre-event poll with registration to get an idea of what folks want?
My platform (Always yours as a PREFERENCE) or yours?
(I don’t do the free talk if they’re not willing to do a debrief)

Fifth: Deliver an awesome presentation
Make your free presentations AT LEAST as good as your live ones. I always ask if I can review any other free presentations they may have had so I know what level of quality I need to surpass.

Sixth: Conduct a debrief

Normally 48 hours after a free talk, here’s my debrief script:

-Our objective was to provide your folks with info they could immediately use in this crisis, specifically for (INDUSTRY), did we achieve that objective?
-Did you receive any feedback from attendees you could share? Can you share your screen- we’d love to see it!
-What could we have done more, better, or differently?
-Our metrics: Attendees registered/showed up, interactions, etc.
-Now that you’ve seen the webinar itself, what SHOULD we have said to you when we originally presented the idea to you that would have described it better – especially as it pertains to the value your folks received?
-Can you think of the names of any other associations or orgs that would really benefit from that content? And will you be in touch with them in the coming weeks to float the idea by them? We want to make sure we’re only reaching out to folks who are interested, because we know how busy people are.
-And when is your next live event scheduled? And how do you stand for speakers there? Topics you’re thinking of? Any virtual events you’e looking for speakers for?