What Is The Business Community Saying About Shawn?

"Shawn Rhodes, a former combat correspondent with the Second Marine Division turned TEDx speaker and management consultant … was responsible for embedding with Marine Corps units and sharing their stories from more than two dozen countries across two combat tours. Now he works with companies to implement the same skill set that Marines use on the battlefield."

Kate Harrison, INC

In Order To Manage Change In Your Business, You Have To Understand Change In A New Way

Our work at Shoshin Consulting is highly collaborative, involving every level of our client’s organizations. From the executive suite down to employees in the field, we’re dedicated to developing top-down and bottom-up results in our client’s companies. Engagements usually last between three and six months, implementing specific objectives that contribute to the ROI of our client’s organizations.

The foundation of what we create with clients was born on battlefields around the world – where achieving a mission meant the difference between life and death. Not achieving your business goals can mean the life and death of your organization. Instead of implementing complicated software or striving for a Six-Sigma standard deviation, we rely on the existing wisdom of your people to build the fastest path to achieving your objectives.

Our Mission: To help leaders create the highest-performing organizations possible. We do that through helping our clients-


Execution is vital for your organization’s success, but how vital? It’s a fact – according to the Harvard Business Journal, you’re likely only getting 63% of the profitability you could in your business. Why? There’s a gap between your strategy and the goals your employees are achieving. Our methods have shown a cost reduction of 24% in improved execution.


Change is a constant in any industry, and those organizations that can thrive in change are the ones that will survive. Using what the highest-performing teams are doing in the most challenging environments on the planet, we work with companies to prepare for and leverage the changes they face. Instead of change managing your operations, you have the ability to get in front of it and use it to your advantage.


Taking the time to do this means the difference between repeating the same mistakes/settling for mediocre success or experiencing drastic improvement. More importantly, it means having a process that is consistently used across all departments and shared across your organization – a process that ensures you rocket past competitors who never learn from their wins or losses.

We do that through building process and performance improvement programs, customized workshops and the best keynote programs in the world.

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